Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

The mortgage calculator is a great tool for working out how much you can borrow, please follow the simple how-to-use guide below.

*Please note the mortgage calculator should only be used as an 'estimate' your rates and repayments will depend on different factors such as your credit rating - interest rates rising or decreasing and repayment type - term how long you need the mortgage, other factors will also influence your borrowing capacity such as current financial commitments - Car payments - Loans - Other outgoings.

How To Use ?

  • You can borrow 4-6 times your net salary + bonuses (after tax)
  • If 1 applicant enter your net salary totals - If 2 applicants combine nets
  • Only enter what you need to actually borrow
  • If you already know your rates, enter them
  • Select how many years
  • Select mortgage type - interest only - repayment
  • Calculate

Please note: This calculation is a guide to how much your monthly repayments would be. The exact amount may vary from this amount depending on your lender's terms. The mortgage rates are set as the average rates for the majority of mortgages on 23 rdSeptember 2022 - *Subject to fluctuation.

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