Buy-To-Let Mortgages

Buy to let mortgages

Buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages are for landlords who want to buy property to rent it out. The rules around buy-to-let mortgages are similar to those around regular mortgages, but there are some key differences:

Buy-To-Let Mortgages

  • The fees tend to be much higher
  • Interest rates are usually higher
  • The minimum deposit is usually 25% of the purchase price of the property
  • The maximum you can borrow is linked to the amount of rental income you expect to receive
  • Most BTL lending is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Most BTL mortgages are interest-only. This means you only pay the interest each month, and not the capital amount. At the end of the mortgage term, you repay the original loan in full.

At Mortgage Advice Shop our advisers have a wealth of experience dealing with BTL mortgages. They will make you fully aware of the process, what the commitment is for you as a landlord / investor and where any potential risks lie. Please look at our page on BTL tips for more information.

Not all Buy to Let Mortgages are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authorit.

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