First-Time Buyer Tips

First-Time Buyer Tips

Not sure where to start when it comes to buying your first home? The process can be extremely daunting and difficult to navigate, leaving you wondering where to start. We have put together this guide to help first-time buyers prepare themselves for their exciting move onto the property ladder.

Become A Budgeting Expert

Before you start looking at houses, it is crucial to put together a budget to ensure you can afford to buy your first home. In addition to mortgage payments, there are other costs to keep in mind when organising your budget. These expenses include furnishings and decorating costs, solicitor and survey fees and removal costs. Book your free initial appointment with one of our mortgage advisers who will evaluate your income, your savings and debts to give you your best options moving forward.


Are you looking for your home to be close to work, schools or in a family-centric neighbourhood? It is important to thoroughly research areas to ensure you have access to all your necessary amenities but also fits within your budget. You do not want the heartbreak of finding a place that you simply cannot afford.

Electoral roll - Being Traceable

Getting on the electoral roll (also known as the electoral register) can help improve the way you're viewed by lenders, and boost your chances of getting accepted for credit. This is because credit reference agencies are able to verify who you are, which is one of the most important tips we can give anyone applying for mortgage. Many people move house and forget to update the electrol register. If your from Northern Ireland you can register online and boost your score instantly - Electrol role for Northern Ireland

Check Your Credit File

Its worth while checking your credit profile and see what lenders see when you apply for credit, Using one of the main ones like Experian, Equifax or Check My Score will give you an insight into your finances from the lenders point of view when it comes to making a decision on lending money to first time buyers or for the best re-mortgaging deals.

*For more information on how to improve your credit score click here .

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